A llegrini has its roots in Fumane in the heart of the classic Valpolicella, a land of ancient and noble traditions. Documented since the 16th century, the Allegrini family has been dedicated to the production of wine for six generations and is committed to the promotion and promotion of the Valpolicella Classica, in support of the culture and identity of its territory. The company experienced a profound transformation starting from the sixties of the twentieth century with Giovanni Allegrini.

Recognized as one of the major architects of the rebirth of Valpolicella, Giovanni perfected the art of winemaking, acting rigorously in the selection of the grapes and introducing some important innovations in the viticultural and oenological fields. The company inheritance then passed into the hands of the sons Walter, Marilisa and Franco, who were able to gather, develop and communicate with great dedication the great intuitions of the father, bringing the name of Allegrini and Valpolicella in the world.

In recent years, the Company has broadened its horizons, giving life to two projects of excellence, Poggio al Tesoro in Bolgheri and San Polo in Montalcino, and creating the Veneto Corte Giara line. Representation and hospitality center of Allegrini is Villa Della Torre in Fumane di Valpolicella.

Allegrini, in recent years, has cultivated a close relationship with art: our representative office is in fact Villa della Torre created by Giulio Romano and a real splendid Renaissance monument; our Amarone and our Vermentino Solosole were chosen as wines for the celebrations for the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg; we are proudly part of Intrapresae Guggenheim Collection; Our La Grola wine is enriched every year with artworks by national and international artists.

"The "NEW FAUSTIAN WORLD" project shows how artists should be non-ordinary in order to create artworks that are extraordinary, Dr. Raffaele Quattrone has in fact wisely sought this quality and, like Allegrini, we decided to support this project not only for the bond that binds us to art, but above all because we firmly believe that even our wines are, in some way, extraordinary."