D iemme Industria Caffè Torrefatti Italian Coffee roasters since 1927 Diemme Industria Caffè Torrefatti S.p.A. is an established Italian coffee roasting company, founded in Padua in 1927 by Romeo Dubbini. Since 2009 it has its headquarters at the Centro Diemme in Albignasego (Padua): a directional, productive and commercial center, which has strengthened its link with the territory and at the same time gave new momentum to the roasting activity.

The passion for the world of coffee shops, combined with attention to research, has always distinguished and nourished the growth of the company: from 1927 to today, three generations of the Dubbini family have guided its evolution, to spread the culture and pleasure of a good coffee in over 40 countries.

Based on a continuous and scrupulous laboratory activity, conducted with the care of the craftsman, Diemme has thus created the wide range of Caffè Diemme products addressed to the sectors HO.RE.CA., O.C.S. (in Italy and abroad) and retail (abroad), and Torrefazione Dubbini, addressed exclusively to artisanal confectioners. The new line Gli Speciali Diemme is instead a proposal of uncommon coffee, available in small quantities and periodically renewed, which expresses the constant desire to experiment.

Diemme's offer is created around the experience and skills acquired in the roasted coffee market. It is based on a flexible, transparent and respectful attitude both of the excellences selected in nature, and of the knowledge that transforms them into emotions. It knows how to interpret new trends to propose new paths of taste. It is enriched with merchandising materials, consultancy services related to the management of the premises and to the professional training courses held at its Scuola Drink Different.

Today Diemme Industria Caffè Torrefatti is also part of Gruppo Dubbini, which has transversal skills in the HO.RE.CA. sector, thanks to the acquisition and partnership in other companies operating in the field not only of the cafeteria, but also of catering.

"What extraordinary is hidden in the ordinary habit of drinking a coffee? The time has come, according to Diemme Industria Caffè Torrefatti, to offer the consumer an advanced break in which to go beyond the sensations already offered and in which to obtain new tools of knowledge. Not so much to satisfy a desire, but rather to make it big, infinite. And all this in the name of a more intimate and therefore freer approach to the world of coffee. A streben that passes from the company laboratory directly to the cup and is fed by applying the philosophy of experimentation both to training courses and services dedicated to professionals, as well as informational events and tastings open to the public. Because to be honest there is nothing that is already created in the set of experiences that you can deepen and enjoy – with the senses and the intellect – in caffetteria; on the contrary there is an universe of individual actions and reactions as well scientific, intuitive, natural and related to human talent actions and reactions that you can explore. Faustian Factor leads the artisan coffe toaster. It leads barmen, mixologists and milk art esthetes. It leads all those people who dare to create their blend of personalized coffee and try different coffee origins with different methods od extraction. That's the reason because Diemme is with NewFaustianWorld artists"