T his is a beautiful Italian story, the story of a company created with the passion and the work of so many people.

Ehiweb is an Internet service provider, basically those who bring connections to the internet and all web-related services at your home and company: Domains, Hosting, Housing, Clouds, Virtual Faxes, VoIP telephony, SMS marketing, etc ...

Online since 2004, it has gained credibility and attention in the overall telecommunications market.

The initial challenge was not only commercial but also ethical: it was necessary to think positively, to set long-term goals, to create employment and to promote a progressive and fully sustainable growth.

The debut took place without contributions neither public or private funding, with no loans or banks behind: only a clean and consistant work has generated a positive word of mouth that has increased the popularity of the site to over 100,000 customers served throughout Italy.

To be successful in a crowded business world characterized by well-known brands, Ehiweb has focused on differentiating features. To find them, the biggest defects of the competitors were analyzed and transformed into their strengths.

The benefits that Ehiweb offers are clear:

- Fast and direct assistance
- Specialist, trained and employed in Italy staff
- Reduction of bureaucracy
- Listening and involving customers
- Customization of services
- Transparency and simplicity of contracts and tariffs
- Continuous innovation

People chooses Ehiweb for the high quality of business proposals and to try an alternative that represents a new style in customer relationship with supplier.

This company, born to look to the future and to collective well-being, has been supporting projects for the diffusion of digital culture and promoting computer literacy between old and new generations.

Ehiweb points to Italy, wants to represent its excellence and aspires to become a model for a new generation of entrepreneurs.

"Ehiweb is really in step with the "Faustian Factor" sought by Raffaele Quattrone in this initiative because we believe in innovation and in the importance of spreading the culture - not only the digital one - so that it can be used in all layers of society improving it. We have always set goals in our entrepreneurial experience and have reached and overcome them with application, sacrifice, constancy and unshakable confidence. We did not daydream of unreachable goals, we worked closely with reality and grew up healthy, mature, aware of our strength. There were difficult moments, we were wrong and learned to turn limits into opportunities. This is our training, this is our idea of an alternative business: to have the courage to really change things, to go to action with rationality and without fear"