«… parfums qui chantent les transports de l’esprit et des sens» [C. Baudelaire]

RANCÉ 1795 is a Maison de Parfumeurs with a unique tradition. Born into a family of glovers dating back to the first half of the 17th century, François Rancé founded his Parfumeur - Distillateur workshop in Grasse in 1795.

Besides being renowned as official purveyor to the Imperial French Court and Napoleon's favourite perfumer, François Rancé revolutionized the art of perfumery by creating fragrances of timeless excellence. Subsequent generations of the Rancé family have continued to develop innovative fragrances and gems of perfumery for illustrious figures of their times.

The firm moved to Milan, Italy in 1902, and nowadays RANCÉ 1795's historic headquarters houses a permanent museum that brings together vintage Rancé products, part of the archives, and the Rancé collection of perfumery objets d'art. Today, the seventh generation is carrying on the Rancé family's traditional craft, inspired by ancient recipes, selected natural ingredients, passion, research and creativity. They produce iconic contemporary fragrances which make RANCÉ 1795 ever more unique. Fragrances that celebrate the emotions of the soul and the senses. RANCÉ 1795: Timeless Heritage, Contemporary Excellence

"We are pleased and honoured take part into NewFaustian World, as we do not only support, but most of all firmly trust in Prof. Raffaele Quattrone’s praiseworthy initiative. The so-called “Faustian spark”, meant as the strive to go beyond one’s own limits and to reach excellence, has always been part of RANCÉ 1795 identity for more than 220 years. With Faustus, we share our knowledge in distilling alchemic formulations, although ours aim at becoming perfumes and not elisir vitae. But it’s in the very concept of essence – meant both as “fragrance”, and as “being” in the world – that we feel part of the ecumenical transhumanistic movement, which reunites the NewFaustian World’s Artists under the same manifesto. From an Artist’s ecstatic euphoria springs a very special smoke (“fumum”). It is through this very “smoke”, per-fumum, that Perfume is metaphorically obtained. And it is thanks to the Art of Perfume, whose unique tradition we have been taking forward since more than two centuries, that we feel part of NewFaustian World. That same Perfume springs from the man/craftsman/demiurge, whose works remain unintelligible to an artificial intelligence. But which are fully understood by connoisseurs coming from the four corners of the world. For Art. For Contemporary Excellence"